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Buying a property can be a long and difficult process without the help of a real estate agency. Why?

Probably not only in Eastern Europe but also in other parts of the world, the owners who want to sell fix their sale price of the property according to what they see on the internet, on the real estate ad sites. Thus, without a minimum of training in the field, they set an unrealistic price, often well above the market value of the property.

The owners who choose to sell through one of the HIRSH real estate agencies benefit from a free valuation of the real estate by a partner appraiser HIRSH, expert certified by the authorities in force. Thus, the property price is set correctly, in full accordance with the real estate market.

Buying a property through HIRSH you have the guarantee that you will pay the right price.

Because we sell properties both centrally located and new buildings, located in different parts of the capital and the countries where we are present, HIRSH agents know very well the real estate market, the prices and residential areas of impact.

Thus, buying a property through HIRSH you have the guarantee of choosing a top location, without hidden defects and without other problems (technical, legal, etc.).

In the case of real estate investments, HIRSH agents are ready to answer your questions instantly. Because since 2003 we offer consulting (often free or included in the final fee) on real estate investments through ROI / Yield calculations, through good knowledge of areas, history but also through forecasts on the real estate market.

Buying investment properties through HIRSH you have the guarantee of well-placed investments, which will bring you real long-term income.

We know that time is precious, that’s why our agents will present you only properties that are in full accordance with your requirements.

Buying real estate through us, you will make an important saving of time and money.

And if you think that the services of a professional are expensive, you will see how much an amateur will cost you in the end!

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