Our story takes us back in time, more than 50 years ago. Although the brand has officially launched in 2003, the HIRSH name has a long history. The working principles of companies under the “HIRSH” brand are based on “Business Theory”, developed by Hirsh Isckovich in 1970. 

Hirsh arrived in Israel at the age of nineteen, after World War II, as a refugee. Completely helpless, he took his first steps in business, shy but confident. He was led to succeed by two principles to which he adhered: “Ethics” and “Quality Services”.

In the mid-1960s, Hirsh became one of the most successful entrepreneurs, with a reputation for being innovative. Hundreds of business people saw him as a role model.

In the 1970s, Hirsh focused on the real estate market, where he applied the know-how acquired during his previous business.

At the same time, Hirsh is developing “Business Theory”, a set of principles – which have become laws for him – that will be used to describe and interpret markets, competition, innovation and organizational culture and that can be applied in other key areas, such as business plans and models, marketing, customer relations or management. 30 years later, many universities and scientists have taken this Theory and developed it. Today, it is the basis of the highest degree of certification and specialization that anyone can have.

In today’s Western world – in the US, Canada and Western Europe – 96% of property buyers and sellers use the services of real estate sales experts.

Selling and buying apartments and houses is a very serious problem, which is why property owners decide to entrust them to professionals.

In 2003 HIRSH INTERNATIONAL brings an unprecedented approach to real estate agents in Central and Eastern Europe such as the Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, Israel, etc., based on the original Business Theory.

HIRSH International has been operating in Central and Eastern Europe since 2003. But today we are fully prepared to provide the same exceptional services worldwide.

Requests imposed on franchisees and real estate consultants:

Strict compliance with the Code of Professional Ethics issued and adopted globally in 2003 as well as adherence to a single standard of services is a necessary criterion for joining the network “HIRSH International Real Estate Agencies”. HIRSH chooses its colleagues because the business and professional reputation of each of them affects the successful operation of the entire network.

The training of franchisees and real estate consultants is an ongoing process and includes the study of marketing, negotiation and pre-sale training.

Advanced seminars help even experienced entrepreneurs keep up with ever-changing market conditions.

Working system:

In his work, the real estate consultant of the HIRSH company is based primarily on understanding the problems faced by their clients. Success in the real estate sector is mainly due to the high level of services and strict compliance with the rules of professional ethics.

Focused specialization, ongoing training, the use of effective marketing tools, a detailed system of residential real estate sales, the use of modern technology – all of these place HIRSH among the most successful real estate agencies on the international market.

Concluding joint transactions and exchanging experience within the HIRSH international network is our biggest competitive advantage.

Today, at the begining of 2024, we are proud of who we are and who made us who we are today.

Our motto? Work with professionals, always!

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