Sell your property with us

Selling a real estate property, whether it is a house, apartment, land, commercial space or office building, hotel or industrial space, is a laborious process, which often requires the hiring of a professional real estate agent.

What can a HIRSH real estate agent do for you?

You must know that in this case, HIRSH agent will represent the seller, means you. Why do you need to know this? Because the HIRSH agent will not charge a fee to the buyer (read about Listing agent).

First of all, the HIRSH agent will order the evaluation of the property with the help of a certified appraisal expert. Thus, the sale price will be able to be established correctly, and the property will be able to be sold in due time.

Most of the time, buyers want to negotiate this price, even if it is an absolutely fair price in relation to the market. The HIRSH agent, due to his continuous training, is a very good negotiator; he will be able to bring the discussions where he wants, thus managing to sell the property without giving up the price (the sale price is already a fair one).

The HIRSH agent is also a very good connoisseur of areas, because one of the HIRSH policies is that where there is a HIRSH agency it must become the market leader. Thus, the real estate agent will be able to enhance the property using the facilities of the area, distances and other things that only he knows.

The HIRSH agent will collaborate in order to maximize the chances of success with other HIRSH real estate agents in the network or even with members of other agencies, offering the agent who brings the buyer a part of his fee.

The HIRSH agent will publish your property on specialized portals and even here, on HIRSH INTERNATIONAL, in the respective country section. Thus, the chances of selling increase exponentially, being well known that there are many foreigners who want to buy properties in countries other than their home countries, either for personal use or for investment.

The HIRSH real estate sales system has proven to be one of the best sales systems in the industry, being successfully applied in recent years in Central and Eastern European countries. The system guarantees the sale of the property within the established terms, with an important saving of time and money.

The services of a HIRSH real estate agent are offered based on a contract, with the fee paid upon completion of the real estate transaction. To hire a HIRSH agent, write to us at one of the addresses in the contact section.

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