What does a listing agent mean?

The agent who sells the property and represents the owner is called a listing agent.

The main purpose of the listing agent is to obtain the best price offer for the property.

HIRSH real estate agents can sometimes work in the interests of both parties – both the owner and the buyer. Although it may seem like a conflict of interest, in some countries this is perfectly legal and is called intermediation.

The HIRSH listing agent specializes in representing a single part of the transaction, so you will benefit from personalized services.

Specifically, the listing agent offers the seller an initial consultation at home, in which he makes a complete presentation, a check of the condition of the property and then offers suggestions on how it can be valued to make the house more valuable (home staging). In some cases, he may collaborate with an interior designer for that.

He can hire a professional photographer to photograph the property for marketing purposes (the property will also be listed on Hirsh International, and in the case of top properties in the Hirsh Gold Collection section).

Place professional signage on the property.

It hosts open houses and private tours of the house.

The HIRSH listing agent will then make sure that the buyers have all the money in their account or are pre-approved for a loan.

Negotiate with the buyer’s agent.

Helps to solve any problems related to documents.

It helps to coordinate the communication between the bank, the credit officer, the seller and the buyer, so that there are no surprises at the closing table.

Attend the closing process, making sure that the seller has the correct documents and that the transaction will be completed.

In some cases such as distance selling, the HIRSH agent has been (and may be) authorized to sign the deed of sale on your behalf at the notary.

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How much does a luxury house or villa for sale in Bucharest cost?
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